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Starcrawlers Chimera now on Kickstarter

Starcrawlers Chimera now on Kickstarter

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 26 May 2021, 01:02:05

Tags: Juggernaut Games; StarCrawlers Chimera

The Kickstarter campaign for cyberpunk dungeon crawler Starcrawlers Chimera launched quietly today. Developer Juggernaut are looking to raise $15,000 towards the game's development, a small sum compared to what they got for the original Starcrawlers back in 2014, although they do already have a bunch of stretch goals lined up for afterwards. The pitch video is actually identical to the Kickstarter announcement trailer from two weeks ago, so I'll just post a brief excerpt from the campaign page:

You’re a lone crawler on a deadly mission: infiltrate the Chimera megacorp and find your target - the elusive Dr. Cerberus. StarCrawlers Chimera is a first-person, turn-based, cyberpunk dungeon crawl set in the universe of StarCrawlers. Explore the twisting depths of the Chimera complex, fight hordes of vicious enemies, and grab as much loot as possible!

Customize your skills to suit your playstyle. Are you a stealthy cyberninja? A crazed pyromaniac soldier? Mind-bending void psyker? Or… a bit of each? Design your character by selecting from 25+ skill trees with unique abilities in each tree. Skill trees are a mix of fan favorite classes from StarCrawlers, weapon specialist trees, utility sets, and more - with extra skill trees in the works!

Explore levels that feature hand-crafted maps with procedurally generated elements. The mysterious complex is operated by a ruthless megacorp and each successive level will bring new challenges, new enemies, and greater rewards.

  • Grid-based cyberpunk dungeon crawling with turn-based combat and exploration : you act, then enemies act
  • Handcrafted maps with procedurally generated elements : events, hidden secrets, bonus quests and plenty of loot
  • Legions of enemies, boss fights, and rare foes with unique abilities
  • Customize your character as you level to unlock new abilities and perks
  • 4 difficulty modes and optional permadeath
Right now you can secure a basic copy of Starcrawlers including beta access for $18, with alpha access available at $37. Juggernaut plan to release the alpha build right after the campaign ends in June, with the beta (presumably identical to the public Early Access build) coming later in September. The final release is scheduled for Q3 2022.

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