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Midnight Suns gameplay trailers reveal card-based combat

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Midnight Suns gameplay trailers reveal card-based combat

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 1 September 2021, 22:46:33

Tags: Firaxis Games; Marvel's Midnight Suns

Today's Marvel's Midnight Suns gameplay reveal turned out to be a rather cringeworthy twenty minute livestream at IGN, half of which consisted of an interview segment that already aired during Gamescom. The main takeaway from the two new gameplay trailers is that Midnight Suns will feature, that's right, card-based combat. It also appears to lack tactical movement in the traditional sense, with no grid in sight. Everything else is pretty much as you'd expect from last week's previews.

Well, they weren't lying when they said this was going to be nothing like XCOM. According to a new update on the official website, there's a gameplay stream scheduled for September 7th, but I think we're going to be be taking a step back from this game for now.

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