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Spire of Sorcery is a strategy RPG where you lead a party of runaway mages, now on Early Access

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Spire of Sorcery is a strategy RPG where you lead a party of runaway mages, now on Early Access

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 22 October 2021, 20:59:16

Tags: Charlie Oscar; Spire of Sorcery

Spire of Sorcery is a turn-based strategy RPG where you lead a party of mages who have fled from civilization and made their home in a magical spire deep in the wilderness. Originally announced back in 2017 by Lithuanian indie studio Charlie Oscar, Spire of Sorcery attracted some attention due to the involvement of Alexey Bokulev, creator of cult strategy title Eador: Genesis. However, when the game was released in late 2019 in an unusual "Limited Early Access" capacity, it quickly became apparent that something was wrong. Over the next two years its design would be massively overhauled, leading to the departure of Bokulev. During this time, the game was also rebranded from strategy RPG to "survival strategy game" and then back to an RPG again. Yesterday it was finally released as a conventional Early Access title. Here's its trailer and description:

Spire of Sorcery as a turn-based party RPG where you use spellcasting, alchemy and a bit of equipment to explore the world full of dangerous encounters. Engage with creatures from the realms of life, death and chaos to help the sentient citadel mend the broken world!
  • Explore the original world of Rund to discover creatures, resources and recipes
  • Cast spells, including combos, to affect opponents and trigger environmental effects
  • Concoct substances that range from curative to explosive
  • Prevail in encounters by combining the effects of spellscasting, alchemy & equipment
  • Manage your party, considering mood and personal traits of its members
  • Find new party members and increase their stats to reach their true potential
  • Taste any resource that you find to modify the looks of your party members
  • Collect resources to cook food that may taste great (or horrible)
  • Expand the Spire with new rooms that offer new mechanics
  • Break into ancient barrows, dispel cursed weepers & battle infection-ridden gigglers
  • Resolve mini-stories that pose moral choices, affecting the mood of your party
The world is larger than just one play-through and every challenge has alternative solutions. Try and succeed – or adjust and replay!

A demo of Spire of Sorcery was available during Steam Next Fest back in June and wasn't too popular. It may end up the way most games with such troubled development cycles do. But if you'd like to give it a try, the game is available on Steam for $20, with a final release planned before the end of 2022.

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