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Mechajammer Kickstarter Update #37: Releasing on December 2nd

Mechajammer Kickstarter Update #37: Releasing on December 2nd

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Sat 13 November 2021, 23:26:13

Tags: Mechajammer; Modern Wolf; Whalenought Studios

Earlier this week, publisher Modern Wolf announced that there would be major news about Mechajammer today during the MIX Next 2021 event. It was pretty obvious that they were going to announce a release date, but given the game's history I was quite surprised to learn that it'll be out this year, on December 2nd. Joe and Hannah published a Kickstarter update about the news, but Modern Wolf's announcement on the game's Steam page is more informative.

It's the news you've been waiting for.

As part of The MIX Next showcase, which aired over the weekend, we've dropped a new teaser trailer for Mechajammer, officially revealing that the game will be available from December 2nd, 2021.

In case you've been living under some form of a large rock, Mechajammer is an isometric cyberpunk CRPG, set in a far-future Earth that has been ravaged by overcrowding, pollution, and war. Mechajammer takes place on Calitana, a low-tech mining colony with a central city carved out of the planet’s dense jungles. The Ci-War and the Syndicates’ abuse of power have lasted so long that they have become a fixture of everyday life, and humans struggle through the sorrows and triumphs of life with the threat of violence never far from their periphery.

It's a game designed with the player agency as the key focus; a game where your escape from Calitana can be approached in any manner that best suits you.

If that's not enough, from next week - and the run-up to launch - we will be starting a Feature Deep Dive series that delves into the nitty of the game so you are as prepared as possible for Mechajammer's launch.

Look out for that very soon...

As stated, Modern Wolf intend to publish a series of Mechajammer feature videos starting from next week. Whalenought's Kickstarter update also includes what appears to be a sneak preview of the game's intro cutscene, so check that out too. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I hope they aren't being rushed!

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