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Telepath Tactics to be Liberated from Old Design

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Telepath Tactics to be Liberated from Old Design

Game News - posted by Darth Roxor on Wed 15 December 2021, 18:20:16

Tags: Sinister Design; Telepath Tactics Liberated

Sinister Design has just announced a ground-up remake of their best-selling international hit Telepath Tactics, under the title Telepath Tactics Liberated.

Here's what it's about, straight from the horse's mouth:


For those who never played Telepath Tactics, Telepath Tactics Liberated is a deep and engaging strategy RPG built upon the combat mechanics of Telepath games past, albeit with layers and layers of tactical depth poured on.

Featuring a cast of dozens of engaging characters, a well-told story, 72 classes, more than 150 skills, branching promotions, and mechanical depth still not seen in any other strategy RPG to date, Telepath Tactics Liberated is an SRPG fan’s SRPG.​

If you've already played the original Telepath Tactics from 2015 and are wondering what's new in the remake, Craig is glad you asked because using telepathic precognition he predicted that you would ask “But Craig, I played the original Telepath Tactics from 2015. What’s new in this remake?” and responded with a long-ass list of things, some of which include:

  • New hand-designed maps!
  • New difficulty modes!
  • 3D terrain! (Elevation effects no longer distort the map; characters visibly sink into water or lava and disappear into chasms.)
  • More than 40 new skills to learn!
  • More than two dozen new classes!
  • Smarter AI! (You will now get shoved off of cliffs if you’re not careful!)
  • Support for saving mid-battle!
  • A vastly improved user interface, including a dedicated shop interface and a dedicated promotion interface!
And that's without even mentioning some of the more important bits like new dialogue and HDR bloom lighting!

Telepath Tactics Liberated is going to come out in mid-March 2022.

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