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Call of Saregnar public demo now available

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Call of Saregnar public demo now available

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 24 December 2021, 01:04:42

Tags: Call of Saregnar; In The Keep

Earlier this year, Rhauntavan announced his intention to release a public demo of Call of Saregnar, his highly anticipated homage to Betrayal at Krondor. The demo was released on Steam today, just in time for Christmas. According to the brief announcement on publisher In The Keep's website, it's basically a fleshed out version of last year's private backer demo, although there is some new content as well. There's no launch trailer, so I'll just quote the announcement here:

Dina has finally made up her mind! You can now snag the first official public demo for Call of Saregnar on Steam! Everyone on the dev team has been busting their butts to get this demo to you by Christmas so Ho-Ho-Hold any negative comments til after they've had time to spend the holiday with their families!

The public demo expands upon many of the areas and ideas behind the previous closed demo. While there is a fair amount of additional content, the majority of the work that went into this demo was getting the game into the smoothest version of itself that we could, and finishing the content that had previously been absent from the already created gameplay areas.

Thank you for checking out our demo! Please let us know how you feel about it through the proper channels.
What a lovely way to end the year. You can grab the demo of Call of Saregnar on Steam. According to the FAQ in the game's Steam discussion forum, an Early Access release is planned for 2022.

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