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Comprehensive interview with Songs of Syx developer

Comprehensive interview with Songs of Syx developer

Development Info - posted by Darth Roxor on Thu 27 January 2022, 16:55:17

Tags: Gamatron AB; Songs of Syx

Songs of Syx is an ambitious city-builder/grand strategy that has been in development for a longer while, and it even had a successful Kickstarter campaign to help push it forward.

It's being worked upon exclusively by one hobo Swede in his basement, and everything points to its being somewhat ambitious, from the various inspirations it professes to the goals it pursues. If you want to hear more about all that, then you are in luck, for the developer has given a long interview with a fellow known as Blind on Youtube. The title, "A Developer Suffering from Hubris Trying to make a Game," should probably say it all.

Hope you still want to enslave entire races (not sure if necromancy is required), and you're ok with being a horrible person, because this game promises all those things and then some.

Thanks Utfärd for the news.

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