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Telepath Tactics Liberated Released

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Telepath Tactics Liberated Released

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Tue 15 March 2022, 22:35:39

Tags: Sinister Design; Telepath Tactics Liberated

Telepath Tactics Liberated, the remake of the Fire Emblem-inspired strategy RPG from Craig Stern, was released yesterday after over five years in development. The original Telepath Tactics earned a positive review from Codexer Zetor when it launched in 2015. Its new version is implemented in Unity (which is an improvement over the original's Flash-based engine) and features excellent new portrait artwork by illustrator Georgi Minkov. Here's its launch trailer along with Craig's release announcement:

It is my pleasure to announce that after many years of joint development alongside Together in Battle, Telepath Tactics Liberated is finally available to purchase! It feels pretty incredible to finally have it out and available for you to play.

Go ahead and grab Telepath Tactics Liberated for Windows here on Steam; it’s 20% off until next Monday.

I still want to finalize gamepad support, create a PVP mode for the main campaign, support browsing and downloading of new campaigns from in-game, and–if there’s demand for it–perhaps even expanded local multiplayer. Is there anything you want to see in the game? Go post about it on the forums! And don’t forget to leave the game a nice Steam review if you enjoyed yourself.​

Telepath Tactics Liberated is available on Steam for $25, with a 20% launch discount until next week. A GOG release isn't planned right now, but might happen after the major post-launch updates are done.

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