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Through the Kill Screen syrups out on Steam

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Through the Kill Screen syrups out on Steam

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 20 April 2022, 15:46:39

Tags: James K Issac; Through the Kill Screen

Through the Kill Screen is now available on Steam. It's a throw back game for the Gen Xers out there, taking place in the 1980s and using very 8bit sounds and pixel art graphics. Normally $5.99US, you can pick it up for 10% off through April 27th, 2022.

1980s kids had it the best. Powered by syrup-ice Slushies, they ran riot, hiding from bullies and plotting with best friends to fill the hours with fun and games. Ringing doorbells before dashing away, between sugar rushes and thumb-wars, life was never dull. With parents glued to the TV, serenaded by the RATA-TATAT of action hero movies, 1980s kids played computer games until friction built blisters on their fingers. But it wasn't all good.

Sometimes 1980s kids were sent to stand in the naughty corridor, awaiting lectures of doom from sadistic Head Teachers. Sometimes bullies cornered their prey with wicked, menacing intentions. And, once, some kids played a computer game so well that they actually broke through the Kill Screen and uncovered a terrible secret.

Looks like more nostalgia is on the menu, boys. I did laugh at the list of stats in the game, being "CHEEKINESS, IMAGINATION, FINGER SPEED and GOODY GOODY". At least that's something new.

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