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Dungeoneer auto-attacks Early Access

Dungeoneer auto-attacks Early Access

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 27 April 2022, 14:45:19

Tags: Alex Luna; Dungeoneer

Dungeoneer has entered Early Access on Steam. It's a top down actiony CRPG with 6 classes, 4 player coop, and of course, has dungeons. There's no sale, and it's $9.99US currently. There's not a whole lot of info in the description, no website, but there is short trailer. And, here it is:

Dungeoneer is a top-down action RPG with auto-attack style combat where you progress by exploring and completing dungeons.

Choose from up to 6 classes and 6 skills to create your custom hero.

Complete optional quests for additional rewards and lore, encouraging exploration. Loot is randomly generated along with semi-random boss loot. Beware, traps and hazards which could crush or impale you lie around every corner!

The one thing that looks fairly interesting in this title are the use of traps and the variety of traps. The log trap on the stairs was pretty funny. For some reason, I find traps more endearing than monsters these days. Perhaps it's that monsters are always used and decent traps rarely are. Exploding barrels don't count. The one thing I didn't see in the features, but maybe I missed it, would be random dungeon generation.

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