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Decision: Red Daze sleeps out on Steam and GOG

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Decision: Red Daze sleeps out on Steam and GOG

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 20 May 2022, 02:54:29

Tags: Decision: Red Daze; FlyAnvil

Decision: Red Daze has an Early Access release on Steam as well as GOG. It's clearly an actiony CRPG as it describes itself, but it's also a base building, recruit gathering, survival type game as well. Battle mutants in the wasteland of the dust bowl, collect loot, and play wasteland dress up! What more could you ask? Probably multiplayer, but that's not in there. Here's some info:

Even the lowliest survivor you find has the potential to lead his own squad, explore, make the wasteland safe, and shape their own destiny. It’s up to you to upgrade and specialize any survivor you find in the wasteland any way you see fit.

While most of the buildings of the Dust Bowl are long abandoned and taken over by the undead, the loot and potential shelter is coveted by most survivors. During your exploration missions you’ll come across various farmsteads, factories and military installations full to the brim with monsters, loot, and most importantly, foundations that hold the potential to turn the long abandoned structures into sprawling and heavily fortified settlements.

And for shits and giggles, check out the reviews on Steam. It's not pretty. Apparently most people are annoyed with the stamina mechanic in the game, which is a little unforgiving. If you have to sleep for 24 hours to regain stamina, you probably have mono. Recruit a doctor.

There's also a video from SplatterCatGaming if you're looking for some game play. He seems to like it.

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