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Dungeons of the Amber Griffin is a dungeon crawler about Ancient Pomeranians

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Dungeons of the Amber Griffin is a dungeon crawler about Ancient Pomeranians

Game News - posted by Darth Roxor on Tue 19 July 2022, 18:40:04

Tags: Dungeons of the Amber Griffin; Frozengem Studio

A bunch of weirdo Potatoes from Frozengem Studio have just announced their oldskool dungeon crawler Dungeons of the Amber Griffin. It looks like a gripping Grimrock lookalike about Kashubians*, developed "In cooperation with the Museum of Kashubian and Pomeranian Literature and Music in Wejherowo" (lol).

I hope you are ready to master arcane Kashubian magic and defeat the demons:

Play as a group of daredevils who explore the world of dark fantasy in search of fame, amber and gold. Experience the classic mechanics of the iconic ‘90s Dungeon Crawlers with a new twist. Solve the mystery of the ghost that haunted the ruins and discover a bestiary based on Kashubian beliefs.

Get ready for an exciting journey through the world of the Mystical Kashubia. Learn the beliefs of ancient Pomeranians and deal with the monsters that have begun to roam the area. While defeating the monsters, gather information for a bestiary, based on Kashubian stories.

Create a team of four daredevils with various skills useful in combat. Choose character classes such as, e.g. WÒJÔRZ (Warrior), DULAS (Rogue), ŻÉRCA (Priest), KÙTIN (Mage) and decide on their development.

The main plot of the game is related to the figure of a griffin who, according to one of Kashubian legends, hid a huge lump of amber in an unknown place in Kashubia.
Even at the beginning of the 20th century, in Kashubia, there were cases where the corpses of the deceased were dug up and their heads cut off with a special peat shovel. People believed that these were the so-called wieszczi or òpi, who – after death – rose from the grave to kill members of their family.​

ETA: Sometime 2023.

* Kashubians are a people living in northern Poland who speak funny. They are the descendants of Silesians who missed their ship to America.

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