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Space Wreck finally coming to Early Access on December 5th

Space Wreck finally coming to Early Access on December 5th

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Sat 5 November 2022, 23:50:59

Tags: Pahris Entertainment; Space Wreck

After being delayed several times, the promising isometric space RPG Space Wreck was supposed to have launched into Early Access last July. However, shortly before that date arrived, developer Kamaz decided to postpone the release indefinitely and declared that the game's free demo was effectively its Early Access build. Many months and many cool updates later, I'd assumed that he'd shelved any plans to have a proper Early Access release, but now that's back on the table. An expanded Early Access build of Space Wreck, which Kamaz describes as the "Full Version Early Access" release, will be launching on December 5th. Here's its fancy release date trailer and the official announcement:

Good news everyone! We are releasing the full game into Early Access on December 5, 2022! That's basically it. Let me just answer some of your potential questions...

How much will it cost?

I want to keep the option to think about it and change it very last minute. But expect a somewhat typical price point in line with most indie titles. There will be a launch discount, of course.

Will the demo be available after the Full Version EA release?

Yes. Please note that we just released a hefty update to the demo - new content, new weapons, and new enemies - so you are getting a fair deal here, I think.

Try the demo before buying the full game, it's an honest, free preview of the product - see if the game is for you and if you find the quality acceptable.

What Full Version Early Access even means?

It means that you are getting full game - A-Z with all of the intended launch content. However, you are getting also all the bugs we haven't yet found. That's the deal.

How long is the Full Version?

One playthrough of a story fork will take you approximately 5 hours.

Note the "fork" part. If you play through the game just once, and even if you complete everything, you'll still see at most 60% of the content. By that I mean, you'll miss out on entire locations - with their own stories, quests, NPCs, and items that are available in the other fork.

And even within this storyline, there are many self-exclusive choices and hidden options and paths to proceed. Space Wreck is intentionally short but full of content.

If you've got other questions, drop them here in the comments or on the message board.

Otherwise - see you on December 5!​

Great news. In a year that's turned out to be full of postponed launch dates, this might provide some consolation.

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