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Archaelund coming to Early Access on December 21st

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Archaelund coming to Early Access on December 21st

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Sun 22 October 2023, 21:35:28

Tags: 4 Dimension Games; Archaelund


I'm pleased to announce that in two months from today (by december 21st if all goes according to plan) we will press the magic button and release the Early Access version of Archaelund on the Steam Store.

This first release will feature the initial chapter of the Archaelund's main quest, plus a large region to explore freely with plenty of side-quests, dialogues, challenges and secrets. By our estimates, this means 12-15 hours of content.

We look forward to add more of the beautiful areas we've been working on, and let you explore all the secrets of Archaelund, but we believe it is better to limit the initial content until the areas have been properly tested and given the detail they deserve. Of course, once you purchase the Early Access version, you will get all the future updates of the game at no extra cost.

The Early Access already includes a good measure of Archaelund's rule system. There are five playable races, fifteen careers, fourteen skills, over 60 Talents (unique abilities), and over 50 spells. All of this to cover just the early levels of character development.

I'm immensely excited to share Archaelund with the players, and we count on you to make this game better. Don't hesitate to ask any questions in the Steam Discussions, or at our forums.

For more infomation, you can read our Early Access FAQ.

Thank you!

4 Dimension Games​

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