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Dungeons of the Amber Griffin public playtest is live

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Dungeons of the Amber Griffin public playtest is live

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Sat 4 November 2023, 15:11:54

Tags: Dungeons of the Amber Griffin; Frozengem Studio


Hi Everyone! After a long and hard crossover with Unreal Engine 5, we are finally firing up Playtests!

We have prepared game modes for you: Tutorial, Music Mode (with music by Percival Schuttenbach), Puzzle, Speedrun and Benchmark. We hope there is something for everyone.
As this is a Playtest version, we are very much interested in your feedback. We hope you will catch bugs (let's hope there are as few as possible) and that the performance of your computers can withstand Software/Hardware raytracing.
We are also keen on your feedback on gameplay balance, difficulty of puzzles and controls.

In the game under Events, you will find information about the rewards you receive for completing tasks.
We will try to fix bugs on an ongoing basis so as to release a demo with a new map in music mode in November.
The campaign mode will be available in Early Access after fundraising on the Kickstarter platform.

So, jump into the dungeons and show them who rules in the land of Magical Kashubia!

ps. We haven't fully implemented DLSS3.5 yet and sometimes the mouse cursor disappears at the start of the game - just press 2xALT-TAB.

The Team​

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