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Just Another Kickstarter - Scribe

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Just Another Kickstarter - Scribe

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 26 March 2024, 12:10:53

Tags: Scribe

Feyd Rautha pointed me to the Scribe Kickstarter since I posted about the one yesterday. It looked fairly interesting, so I figured why not? The minimum amount to give in order to get the full game is $25, which seems reasonable. It's also an "All of Nothing" campaign, meaning that if they don't hit their goal, you get your money back. That goal is fairly lofty, though, at $54,183. Here's some of the information:

We chose a side scrolling platformer type of gameplay because we wanted to create an RPG where moving around the world is a gameplay by itself. We wanted to avoid a "walking simulator" as it is often the case in other RPGs where you just move from point A to point B. And if there is no combat in between the places, there is in essence no gameplay. With platforming, jumping puzzles and more, in Scribe, you always find yourself facing challenging environments.

Indeed, given that the art of this game is painstakingly crafted pixel art, our aim was to ensure that each location serves as a visual reward for players, while also enhancing the experience of traveling between them.

Oddly enough, these side scroller CRPGs used to be fairly common back in the late 1980s, especially on the MSX Computer. They all but vanished in the mid to late 1990s, it seems.

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