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The Wayward Realms coming to Kickstarter in May

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The Wayward Realms coming to Kickstarter in May

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Tue 23 April 2024, 18:34:11

Tags: OnceLost Games; Ted Peterson; The Wayward Realms


Hey friends! In case you haven't heard yet, The Wayward Realms is coming to Kickstarter Spring of this year (2024).

We plan with the help of this incredible community and a successful kickstarter, we can go into full time production for 1 year & launch an early access build of The Wayward Realms sometime next year.

Of course, you may be asking why Kickstarter?

We have been working on The Wayward Realms for a few years now, and until recently, our aim was to go a traditional publisher route for funding. However, the Games Industry has been on a downward trend lately, with many studios being shuttered, and many publishers becoming much more hesitant to fund ambitious projects.

The Wayward Realms is one such project, with game design that has rarely been seen in recent decades and complex systems that require a lot of work. It makes publishers a little more demanding when it comes to a proof of concept. While we could continue at our current pace, working as a volunteer team, and eventually reach a state that would make us a more sure investment, we don’t really want to spend the next several years in early development. So, we are turning to our community for help to speed things along and give you all an opportunity to shape the game as we know it.

We have always made a great effort to include the community in the creation of the game. From taking ideas from the community very early in the project’s life, to listening to feedback on systems and worldbuilding, to letting the community decide on names for characters and places, we have always wanted the community to help bring the game to life. Kickstarter offers another avenue for us to do just that.

Your funds will not only allow us to hire our team members full time, but, depending on the tier, also give you the chance to give feedback on the gameplay, and even create items & characters that could go on to be featured in future games.

We do want to make it clear though that our aim with your pledges is to fund full-time development for a year in order to produce an early access build. We would release this early access build to the appropriate backers, and take feedback as we continue to update it, however, we also aim to take this early access build to publishers to seek out further funding to complete the entire game. This Kickstarter will allow us to get our systems far enough that we remove any doubt from publishers, but also prove that there is a demand for this type of game.

We hope you'll consider supporting us on Kickstarter. You can pre-register now at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/oncelostgames/the-wayward-realms

To be among the first to know when we go live.​

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