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The Wayward Realms now on Kickstarter

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The Wayward Realms now on Kickstarter

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 30 May 2024, 19:45:11

Tags: OnceLost Games; The Wayward Realms


Welcome to The Wayward Realms, a Grand RPG by legendary game developers, Ted Peterson and Julian Lefay. A game that aims to bring the “old-school” design philosophies of Classic RPGs together with the latest technology and quality of life improvements, courtesy of Unreal Engine 5.

Get lost in a massive, beautiful open world, filled to the brim with adventure. Explore vast, realistically scaled cities, sprawling towns, deep dungeons filled with untold treasures, and a plethora of diverse environments. Discover populations of warring factions, dangerous creatures, and an expansive cast of characters that come to life the more you interact with them.

Spiritual Successor
In 1996, our founders—Ted Peterson and Julian Lefay—released The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall while working at Bethesda Softworks, pushing the envelope of what was possible with computer games. Still considered one of the largest games ever crafted, Daggerall was massive both in its gameplay mechanics and its potential. Shortly after its release, Ted & Julian pursued other projects and new work, yet Daggerfall's impact and potential stayed with them throughout their careers.

Nearly 30 years later, they have teamed up once again to see that potential realized, bringing along fellow Daggerfall alum Eric Heberling, the original composer, to once again create a memorable and immersive world. Carrying forward everything that worked in Daggerfall, our aim is to refine and expand upon the systems that have kept players coming back to it for decades, as well as introduce new systems and quality of life improvements to create a modern classic – a true successor to Daggerfall.

Why Kickstarter?
We have been working on The Wayward Realms since 2019 and, until recently, our aim was to go a traditional publisher route for funding. However, the Games Industry has seen many changes recently. As a result, we felt that a shift in our strategy was necessary in order to speed up the development process and help prove that we have a game that people want to play.

While we could continue at our current pace—working as a volunteer team—and eventually reach the same state we aim for with this Kickstarter, that process could take several more years of development time. So, we are turning to our community for help to speed things along and give you an opportunity to shape the development of the game.

We have always made a great effort to include the community in the creation of The Wayward Realms; from taking ideas from the community very early in the project’s life, to listening to feedback on systems and worldbuilding, and even letting the community decide on names for characters and places, we have always wanted the community to help bring the game to life. Kickstarter offers another avenue for us to do just that.

Your help here will not only allow us to hire our team members full time, but, depending on the tier, will also afford you the chance to give feedback on the gameplay, and even create items & characters that will go on to be featured in the game or future titles we look to create.

We do want to make it clear, however, that our aim with your pledges is to fund full-time development for one year in order to produce an early access build. We would release this early access build to the appropriate backers and take feedback as we continue to release updates. We also aim to take this early access build to publishers to seek further funding, with the goal of completing the entire game.​

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