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Fallout 3 confirmed.. sort of :)

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Fallout 3 confirmed.. sort of :)

Game News - posted by Ausir on Sat 7 June 2003, 15:04:41

Tags: Damien Foletto; Fallout 3 (Van Buren)

Black Isle's Puuk has said in this thread in the IPLY forums:

    I thought we already went over this in another thread? Oh well. Jefferson is on hold (that point was made a long time ago); we are working on Van Buren. Neither of these games were officially announced, nor do we intend to announce it until we believe it's ready to be announced (we want to build a hype machine only if we really have cool things to show and support that hype machine). That's about it. We're not actively trying to *beep* anyone off or hide behind a conspiracy. When we have something we're proud to show and hype (read - announce), we will. We are working and are putting together design docs, game mechanics stuff (technical term), etc. This is what we do at the beginning of a big project. Sorry we can't be more specific, but with the rules discussions that Josh and Briarus (sic) are throwing around, you can pretty much guess what we're working on - at least I hope you can. But we cannot officially announce anything at this moment. Besides, wouldn't you rather we announce the game when it is passed the pre-alpha stage and not get burned out on the hype if we announce the game a year or two in advance?

I think we can now officially declare FO3 unofficially confirmed ;).

Spotted this at Sierra Army Depot.

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