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Fallout 2 1.04 unofficial patch released

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Fallout 2 1.04 unofficial patch released

Mod News - posted by Ausir on Mon 16 June 2003, 21:19:23

Tags: Fallout 2

Locutus has made a new version of his unofficial 1.04 Fallout 2 patch (made using the mapper). Here are some of the huuuge list of fixes:

    - Fixed a bug that enabled you to go thru certain walls in Hubologist's Base and Cat's Paw
    - Now you're unable to get the loot from the four boxes in Broken Hills
    - Dead Enclave Guard from Klamath now has dog tags instead of the keycard
    - Holy Hand Grenade CAN be found now
    - Cafe of Broken Dreams no longer repops after being found
    - Now Vault 15 looks more like in FO1
    - Party Members now change thier appearance when wearing armor
    - Fixed a bug that prevented you from getting the best ending for Gecko

You can get the patch at Sierra Army Depot or directly here: US/UK version and Polish version.

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