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Fallout 2

Fallout 2

Articles associated with this tag:

30-Sep-2016 RPG Codex Interview: Leonard Boyarsky on joining Obsidian, Fallout & Bloodlines cut content and more
7-May-2012 RPG Codex Retrospective Interview: Leonard Boyarsky on Fallout, Interplay and Troika
7-Jun-2021 Olympus 2207 speaks the English now
6-Apr-2020 Josh Sawyer on the Evolution of RPG Reputation Mechanics
3-Feb-2020 Fallout et tu lets you play Fallout in the Fallout 2 engine
19-Jan-2020 Matt Chat 438: Colin McComb on Torment: Tides of Numenera
12-Sep-2017 Tim Cain, Leonard Boyarsky and Feargus Urquhart reminisce about making Fallout 1 & 2 at Eurogamer
9-Aug-2017 Fallout: Nevada mod for Fallout 2 gets a preliminary English release
23-Feb-2017 Leonard Boyarsky at SINFO 24 - A Life in Video Games
21-Nov-2016 Chris Avellone Sugarbombed Interview, Part Two
2-Nov-2016 Chris Avellone is still pretty mad about Obsidian
15-Jul-2016 Fallout 1.5: Resurrection mod for Fallout 2 released in English
13-Nov-2015 Feargus interview at Game Informer reveals Obsidian's secret project is Stormlands reincarnation
26-Aug-2015 Bethesda comes to GOG: Classic Elder Scrolls games released, Fallout trilogy returns
31-Aug-2014 Matt Chat 255: Feargus Urquhart on Black Isle, Baldur's Gate, and Fallout 2
19-Jun-2014 The original Fallout trilogy gets Bethesdized, re-released on Steam
24-Jan-2014 Interview with Mark Morgan at PC Gamer
10-Jan-2014 Chris Avellone Fallout-Centric Podcast Roundup
12-Dec-2013 GOG Winter Sale: Herve gives Bethesda one last middle finger, gives out Fallout Trilogy for free
9-Dec-2013 Matt Chat 219: Guido Henkel's Career After Realms of Arkania
24-Jul-2013 Fallout 2 Restoration Project 2.2 and Unofficial Patch 1.02.28 Released
27-Jul-2012 Chris Taylor Talks Fallout and Wasteland at Board Game Geek
10-May-2010 Mark Morgan Releases Remastered Fallout OST
12-Nov-2009 Brian Menze is selling original Fallout 2 Vault Boy art
3-Nov-2009 History of the Fallout series; OR: How not to run a company
26-Apr-2009 Fallout Dev Profile: The Other Chris Jones
16-Feb-2009 Fan Made Fallout Puts Out An Alpha.
31-Jan-2009 Fan Made Fallout beats Duke Nukem Forever & AoD
16-May-2008 See Fallout 2 in Newfangled High Resolution
6-Jan-2008 Fallout 2 restoration project up for grabs!
22-Mar-2004 Help Fallout 2 kick the crap out of Counter Strike
16-Oct-2003 Fallout for consoles? Interplay dead?
16-Jun-2003 Fallout 2 1.04 unofficial patch released
12-Apr-2003 Fallout Editor released

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