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Fan Made Fallout Puts Out An Alpha.

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Fan Made Fallout Puts Out An Alpha.

Mod News - posted by Edward_R_Murrow on Mon 16 February 2009, 21:09:37

Tags: Black Isle Studios; Fallout 2

If you really crave proof that Fan Made Fallout is almost a reality, you can head on over to their website and read about the release of a limited Alpha build, or even download it yourself.

Welcome to the first release of the Fan Made Fallout demo. This release is currently in Alpha form. We're calling it version 0.1. Here's some important information you need to know, then we'll post the message from our script lead on how to check things out.

1 - It's going to be rough
2 - Our dedicated, two man scripting team is working very hard to learn the skills they need to get you a demo that ... well, works. They appreciate your feedback and assistance.
3 - We're going to be constantly updating this demo version as we go. If you have comments you'd like to make, please respond to THIS posting. Likewise we will update information here with update releases so you can patch mistakes we've fixed.
4 - Thanks for coming on the ride with us .. hope you like where this goes ....
5 - Oh, and thank you to everyone over the past 7 years that have gotten us to where we are on this journey (including HVAttack8, who is our other scripter

Here's hoping for the full release within a decade.
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