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Black Isle Studios

Black Isle Studios

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19-Jan-2020 [Interview] Matt Chat 438: Colin McComb on Torment: Tides of Numenera
27-Jun-2018 [Interview] Josh Sawyer Interview on IGN Unfiltered
21-Sep-2017 [Development Info] Chris Avellone and Josh Sawyer on Van Buren at Eurogamer
12-Sep-2017 [Development Info] Tim Cain, Leonard Boyarsky and Feargus Urquhart reminisce about making Fallout 1 & 2 at Eurogamer
27-May-2017 [Game News] Dragon Wars, Stonekeep and Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader now available on Steam
23-Feb-2017 [People News] Leonard Boyarsky at SINFO 24 - A Life in Video Games
4-Feb-2017 [Interview] Feargus Urquhart Interview on IGN Unfiltered
18-Jan-2017 [Codex Interview] RPG Codex Interview: Ion Hardie on Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader
27-Mar-2015 [Information] Colin McComb on Black Isle's cancelled Playstation Planescape game at Eurogamer
8-Sep-2014 [Interview] Matt Chat 256: Feargus Urquhart on the Life and Death of Black Isle Studios
31-Aug-2014 [Interview] Matt Chat 255: Feargus Urquhart on Black Isle, Baldur's Gate, and Fallout 2
10-Jan-2014 [Interview] Chris Avellone Fallout-Centric Podcast Roundup
9-Dec-2013 [Interview] Matt Chat 219: Guido Henkel's Career After Realms of Arkania
27-Sep-2013 [Editorial] Tom's Guide on the Rise and Fall of D&D RPGs, with commentary by Feargus Urquhart and Chris Avellone
5-Sep-2013 [Interview] Chris Avellone Interview Roundup
24-Jul-2013 [Mod News] Fallout 2 Restoration Project 2.2 and Unofficial Patch 1.02.28 Released
19-Jul-2013 [Interview] RPG Codex Community Q&A: Project Eternity with Josh Sawyer
27-Jun-2013 [Editorial] RPG Codex Retrospective: Roguey fights for social justice in Josh Sawyer's Icewind Dale II
30-May-2013 [Editorial] RPG Codex Retrospective: Roguey smashes the patriarchy in Josh Sawyer's Icewind Dale
30-Apr-2013 [Interview] Colin McComb on Black Isle's cancelled Planescape RPGs and TORN
21-Mar-2013 [Interview] Chris Avellone Interview at Aggrogamer
20-Dec-2012 [Game News] Black Isle's Mayan Apocalypse Replacement Program (what is this I don't even)
5-Nov-2012 [Interview] Matt Chat 171: Josh Sawyer on Icewind Dale and Neverwinter Nights
16-Oct-2012 [People News] Rumor: Chris Taylor and Mark O'Green Back at Black Isle Studios?
13-Sep-2012 [Editorial] Josh Sawyer and The Black Hound
22-Aug-2012 [Company News] Black Isle Studios is back
5-Apr-2012 [Game News] Grab a free copy of Fallout from GOG.com
2-Apr-2012 [Interview] RPS Talks with Brian Fargo about Wasteland 2 and Obsidian
29-Mar-2012 [People News] Chris Avellone + Brian Fargo = ?
11-Mar-2012 [Information] Fallout 1 GURPS Vision Statement
16-May-2011 [Editorial] Torment Need Not Be Eternal
13-Apr-2011 [Editorial] Remembering... Planescape: Torment
6-Apr-2011 [Editorial] The Forgotten Revolution of Fallout
5-Apr-2011 [Editorial] The Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon
31-Mar-2011 [Editorial] Five Things We Learned From Fallout
7-Nov-2010 [Game News] Icewind Dale 2 Available on Good Old Games
3-Nov-2010 [Mod News] Planescape: Torment Modding Guide
1-Nov-2010 [Review] Planescape: Torment Retrospective Review
29-Sep-2010 [Editorial] Planescape: Torment Retrospective
28-Sep-2010 [Game News] PS: T Available on GoG
30-Jun-2010 [Editorial] Planescape: Torment - Retrospective
30-Mar-2010 [Editorial] The Gift of Torment
15-Dec-2009 [Editorial] Die Hard Game Fans want the Nameless One to stay dead
4-Aug-2009 [Game News] Torment Retrospectacular
16-Feb-2009 [Mod News] Fan Made Fallout Puts Out An Alpha.
17-Jan-2009 [Review] Planescape: Torment - More Fanboy Love
6-Jan-2008 [Mod News] Fallout 2 restoration project up for grabs!
1-Aug-2007 [Interview] Part 2 of Planescape: Torment interview at RPGWatch
30-Jul-2007 [Interview] Planescape: Torment interview at RPG Watch
2-May-2007 [Development Info] Van Buren tech demo
28-Aug-2005 [Editorial] Dead games R.I.P. on GameSpot
24-Feb-2005 [Game News] RPGDot awards most anticipated and dream game
4-Feb-2005 [Interview] More Puuk interviewage at Winterwind
25-Aug-2004 [Game News] Platter's Torment fixpack updated
19-Aug-2004 [Game News] New Van Buren art at NMA
4-Aug-2004 [Development Info] J.E. Sawyer & Sean K. Reynolds on Van Buren vehicles
9-Jul-2004 [Codex Review] Blast from the past: Lionheart Review
18-Jun-2004 [Interview] John Husges profile at NMA
15-Jun-2004 [Interview] Fallout Developer Profile: John Deiley
11-Jun-2004 [Interview] NMA Fallout developer profiles: Puuk
9-Jun-2004 [Interview] J.E. Sawyer chitchat at NMA
17-Apr-2004 [Interview] Sean K Reynolds chit chats with GameBanshee
20-Jan-2004 [None] Black Isle Eulogy at Gamers with Jobs
14-Jan-2004 [Editorial] RPGDot readers wish they were playing Fallout 3
7-Jan-2004 [Interview] FO3: John Deiley talks to GameBanshee
6-Jan-2004 [Company News] Sean K. Reynolds speaks on BIS
5-Jan-2004 [Interview] Feargus chats with GameSpot
2-Jan-2004 [Company News] GameSpot remembers Black Isle
27-Dec-2003 [Game News] Fallout 3 character model @ NMA
19-Dec-2003 [Editorial] Gamers with Jobs takes a shot at console-ization
17-Dec-2003 [Company News] More on BIS getting the high hard one
16-Dec-2003 [Company News] Fallout Lives!
15-Dec-2003 [None] Another reason to love Gamers with Jobs
13-Dec-2003 [Game News] NMA brings us more FO3 screenies
12-Dec-2003 [Game News] Things that might have been
9-Dec-2003 [Company News] Interplay just gets stupider
6-Sep-2003 [Editorial] RPG Roundtable #2 at RPGVault
10-Jun-2003 [Game News] Baldurs Gate 3 = Denied
8-Jun-2003 [Game News] BG3 news post and fun on ShackNews
18-May-2003 [Game News] Jefferson wallpaper
15-May-2003 [Company News] J.E. Speaks
17-Apr-2003 [Editorial] Feargus leaving editorial at Arcadian Del Sol
15-Feb-2003 [Game News] Mystary stuff
29-Jan-2003 [Company News] Black Isle looking for associate producer
12-Jan-2003 [Game News] Josh Sawyer on Jefferson NPCs
9-Jan-2003 [Company News] BIS wants 3D artist
6-Jan-2003 [Company News] Feargus speakth on IPLY/BIS future
16-Dec-2002 [Editorial] Josh Sawyer - I thought I could organize freedom. How Scandinavian of me.
9-Nov-2002 [Review] Icewind Dale II Review.
9-Nov-2002 [Codex Review] Icewind Dale II Review
5-Nov-2002 [Game News] JE Sawyer on IWD2 MP
30-Oct-2002 [Interview] Interview with Inon Zur
19-Oct-2002 [Game News] Icewind Dale II Patch v2.01 Released
6-Aug-2002 [Game News] Icewind Dale 2 GOLDEN!

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