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Icewind Dale II Review.

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Icewind Dale II Review.

Review - posted by Deathy on Sat 9 November 2002, 17:53:59

Tags: Black Isle Studios; Icewind Dale 2

Our very own Exitium has posted a review of Black Isle's latest Infinity Engine title, Icewind Dale II.
Here's a bit:

As for the game's design, it has its host of shortcomings, mainly stemming from the Infinity Engine and several issues with the multiplayer game when played over the Internet, though a LAN experience with a close knit group of friends and family should prove somewhat enjoyable if you can tolerate the time it takes to situate team tactics. All in all, multiplayer could have used a bit more effort, considering the fact that Icewind Dale II touts itself as a party-based game.

Naturally, you can read the review here.

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