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Black Isle's Mayan Apocalypse Replacement Program (what is this I don't even)

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Black Isle's Mayan Apocalypse Replacement Program (what is this I don't even)

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 20 December 2012, 11:13:30

Tags: Black Isle Studios; Interplay; Project V13

One of our users noticed that Interplay's BlackIsle.com site had been updated. Let's check it out!

Project V13 (PV13) is the first planned Black Isle Studios release in years, a post-apocalyptic strategy RPG. You will create a character to represent yourself within the game world. Your character will be a hardy adventurer from a variety of backgrounds; one of the last remaining humans, a new breed mutant, or a technologically advanced cyborg. The choice is yours.​

So, Project V13 is being brought back from the dead as a single player game for the Kickstarter Age. More CRPGs is good, ri-

But we can't do it alone. We need to raise money to put together a prototype. We need more developers and staff. This is a big world we're developing.​

[...] We can then use this prototype to raise the additional funds necessary to complete the game.​

Uh. Well, let's look at the FAQ.

Will my contribution get me a copy of the Project V13 game if it is released?

No. This campaign isn't meant to fund the final PV13 video game.​

So what DO I get?

"What's in it for me?" It's a fair question. Your contribution at $10 and up will get you access to news, special updates, and content from the new Black Isle Studios - PV13 forums. At $20 and over, you will achieve special insider status and you will be able to participate in a restricted area of the forum to interact directly with the BIS game designers - make suggestions, discuss our progress, ask us what we had for lunch...​

Ooohh. :lol: Have I mentioned that there's also no funding goal?

It would appear that Herve Caen has decided to grant us the precious gift of lulz this Christmas. Happy holidays, Codex.

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