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Project V13

Project V13

There are 9 articles associated with this tag:

20-Dec-2012 [Game News] Black Isle's Mayan Apocalypse Replacement Program (what is this I don't even)
27-Oct-2011 [Company News] Interplay vs. Bethesda, legal battle info
23-Dec-2010 [Game News] Bethesda says: Interplay could only use the name 'Fallout'
29-Jun-2010 [Game News] Fallout Online will be restricted to a certain age.
23-Apr-2010 [Company News] The Epic Struggle is Over
27-Jan-2010 [Game News] Project V13 Gets Official
23-Jan-2010 [Company News] Interplay is still alive
11-Dec-2009 [Company News] Interplay & Project V13 Cheat Death.... for now
25-Sep-2008 [Company News] It's ALLLIIIIIVE! Interplay website back from the dead

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