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Interplay just gets stupider

Interplay just gets stupider

Company News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 9 December 2003, 03:04:24

Tags: Black Isle Studios; Fallout 3 (Van Buren)

Well, just when you thought they'd reached the bottom of the stupid barrel, Interplay has proven they can claw their way through the wood lined bottom and continue digging towards China.

Apparently, the half wits in charge over there, Herve Caen, Jim Molitor, and the rest of the happy elves, have decided that they no longer need to make PC CRPGs. Instead, they'll make really crappy console games - just like Titus does. In fact, they decided to cancel Fallout 3 and go ahead with the sequel to that really lame assed console game, Fallout Enforcer - even though the first one hasn't shipped so it hasn't had the chance to flop yet. In fact, I bet this game is really well recieved since the higher ups have decided to cut Fallout Enforcer in half, and make two games out of it. Isn't that brilliant?

Oh, not only did they cancel Fallout 3, they also sacked Black Isle Studios - which was the main bread winner for the company up until they decided to force them to make such wonderful titles as Icewind Dale 2 and Lionheart.

So, there you have it. BIS is gone, Fallout 3 is canned, and more shitty console games for the future! Hoorah!

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