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RPGDot awards most anticipated and dream game

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RPGDot awards most anticipated and dream game

Game News - posted by Spazmo on Thu 24 February 2005, 23:06:14

Tags: Black Isle Studios; Planescape: Torment

RPGDot's needlessly drawn out awards dealie continues today with awards for <a href=http://www.rpgdot.com/index.php?hsaction=10053&ID=1093>dream game[/url] and <a href=http://www.rpgdot.com/index.php?hsaction=10053&ID=1092>most anticipated game[/url] for this year. It appears RPGDot's readers would really like to play a Planescape: Torment sequel as well as Oblivion.

It has been a while since Black Isle Studios brought Planescape to the PC. And what a refreshing game it was to many. Placed in a dark setting and with enough dialog options to actually be able to get out of a fight in most cases combined with the fact that you could not get killed, made Planescape:Torment a very different game from the others that were released in those days.
This was one of those games that people actually loved or hated and even though it did not do bad in sales it wasn't a major hit either. With the demise of Black Isle Studios it remains doubtful that a second version will actually be made, but one can always dream.​
Not to mention the fact that the story of the Nameless One is pretty much over. Another Planescape game--or at least one done in that style--would be great, of course.

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