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J.E. Speaks

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J.E. Speaks

Company News - posted by Ausir on Thu 15 May 2003, 01:12:05

Tags: Black Isle Studios; Fallout 3 (Van Buren); Josh Sawyer

Black Isle's J.E. Sawyer has started a very interesting thread in the IPLY forum. Here's a quote:

    However, Black Isle and Interplay are not abandoning PC RPGs. Despite all of our recent troubles, we are still moving forward with PC RPG development. Interplay recognizes that although the majority of its business must be console, they can still make good profits with PC RPGs. Yes, even hardcore PC RPGs.

It's good to see that IPLY realizes the fact that it has to focus more on the consoles! Kewl beanz!

He also says that the next title to be announced might be Van Buren. If it's going to be announced before Jefferson, it probably means that Jefferson has been delayed/canned because of the license problems. IIRC, Van Buren was going to be based on the Jefferson engine as well. Baldur's Gate 3? Icewind Dale 3? Fall... no, this one is too unlikely!

Spotted this at No Mutants Allowed.

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