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Sean K. Reynolds speaks on BIS

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Sean K. Reynolds speaks on BIS

Company News - posted by Ausir on Tue 6 January 2004, 21:53:58

Tags: Black Isle Studios; Fallout 3 (Van Buren); Sean Reynolds

On his own forum, Black Isle's Sean Reynolds has commented on the BIS and FO situation. Here's a bit:

    That dates back to the day of the layoffs. It's kinda bothersome that he says, "So, BIS is no longer. Anytime you see the BIS logo on a future product, know that no one who was associated w/ BIS actually worked on it."

    Here are some BIS people who were _not_ laid off (and what I know their last project was):

    Terry Spier (BGDA2)
    Jason Suinn (Van Buren, BGDA2)
    Scott Everts (Jefferson, Van Buren, BGDA2)

    Bernie Weir (Jefferson, Van Buren)
    Brian Hendley (Jefferson, Van Buren)
    Chad (can't remember his last name right now, sorry) (Van Buren)

    Eric Campanella (lead artist, Van Buren)
    Chris Marleau (Jefferson, Van Buren)
    Carlos Cheek (Jefferson, Van Buren)
    Abdul Brown (Jefferson, Van Buren)
    Hector (can't remember his last name right now, sorry) (Van Buren)

    And those are just the ones I can think of, who had a direct hand in the two most recent BIS PC games. Yes, a lot of people were laid off (a LOT). But the people who remain are just as committed to making good games as when we were hired, and saying that BIS is dead is unfair and/or uninformed. (It's like saying FR is dead without me and Skip, when that's clearly not true.)

    I think you're exaggerating the proportions of some of the BIS fanbase "factions." BIS fans are not just Fallout fans. There are a LOT of people who bought BGDA, and are looking forward to BGDA2, and would probably be looking forward to a BGDA3 if there ever was one.

    Just because all of the Fallout fans are pissed because Van Buren was (according to Damien) shelved doesn't mean that _all_ of BIS' fans are pissed.

    As for ScottE's post, it looks to me like he was saying goodbye to the people who were laid off. He wasn't, he's been in design meetings with me since the layoffs. So, unless he's quit since I talked to him the Friday before xmas, he's still at BIS.

Yes, the fans of Fallout and other PC games by BIS are certainly a small minority compared to the huge Dark Alliance fanbase.

Thanks for info, Volourn!

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