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Sean K Reynolds chit chats with GameBanshee

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Sean K Reynolds chit chats with GameBanshee

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 17 April 2004, 03:14:28

Tags: Black Isle Studios; Sean Reynolds

Sean K. Reynolds did an interview with GameBanshee about his work with 3E D&D, Black Isle Studios and some other stuff. Here's a clip:

GB: What is the atmosphere like around Black Isle Studios with many of the original employees now gone? What sort of projects has BIS been working on over the last couple of months?

Sean: We now have a lot more space and everyone on my side of the building is actually in a proper office rather than a cubicle, so people like that. It does make the place weird and kind of empty, though. They dismantled a bunch of the old cubicles and took the ping-pong table out of storage, so I'm constantly buffeted by ping-pong noise as various employees work their way up and down the ladder. It's keeping them happy, or happier, at least.

I don't know what official word Interplay has given about its current in-production titles, so I'll just say that we have two games in production, and I'm the lead designer on a fantasy console game.

Most ghost towns have lots of space too.

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