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Platter's Torment fixpack updated

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Platter's Torment fixpack updated

Game News - posted by Spazmo on Wed 25 August 2004, 22:51:09

Tags: Black Isle Studios; Planescape: Torment

All-around cool dude Platter informs us that his excellent <a href=http://www.accesswave.ca/~cthorpe/>Planescape: Torment fix pack[/url] has been updated. It's now at 1.37. Here's the new fixes. Some potential spoilers in here, but hey, anyone who hasn't play PS:T by now should die.

Some of the random banters between party members would not happen because of a bug in their triggers.
The Alley of Lingering Sighs was supposed to open up once you reached the Lower Ward, so you could go directly from the Alley to the Lower Ward if you ever went back there.
If you had any Magic Resistance while copying the Circles of Zerthimon to your spell book the copying would have a chance to fail equal to your Magic Resistance percentage.
You couldn't initiate dialog with half of the shoppers in the Lower Ward Marketplace.
Mortai Gravesend had Emoric's script assigned to him, so the floating text that would occasionally appear above him was wrong.
The "Tattoo of Grosuk's Demise" wasn't available at Fell's shop if you killed Grosuk for Sebastion.
Vrischika's combat script would be halted if Standish was killed before she could cast Improved Strength on him.
You couldn't ask Grace about Vhailor when talking to her about your companions.
The "Blade of the Immortal" was supposed to be Enchanted: +1, but it was not Enchanted at all.
Changed the To Hit bonus given by "Ravel's Fingernail" from +1 to +2, to match its description.
The "Teeth of the Fire Drake" didn't do any Fire Damage as its description claimed.
Changed the AC bonus given by "Mark of the Savant" from +3 to +2, to match its description.
Changed the Strength bonus given by "Heaven and Earth" from +3 to +2, to match its description.
The "Kaleidoscopic Eye" didn't give an extra +1 Save vs. Spells bonus.
The "Dustman Earring's" Cold and Magical Cold Resistance bonuses did not work.
Minor bug where the Guard in the Curst Barracks wouldn't finish his joke about "the monkey, the squirrel and the pouch of magic beans."
Barking-Wilder was supposed to give you a special item if you had a "Cranium Rat Tail" when you asked him "Can I see what items the Chaosmen sell to their members?" while being a member of the Chaosmen.
When the skeleton-like Shadows in Ravel's Maze attacked it would drain their own strength instead of their target's strength.
Corvus experience loop.
If you caught Yellow-Fingers stealing from you and Morte was in your party there was a certain dialog path that could lead into Sharegrave's dialog, messing up the quest to find the source of Pharod's bodies for him.
The comments Annah and Grace make when you first enter Fell's Tattoo Parlor with them no longer happen if they are dead.
There was a bug preventing you from being able to ask Nordom to make "Winged Bolts."
When you asked Creeden about the Hive and then what's of interest and then if he's seen a journal he would respond as if you had asked him about Pharod.
When asking Able about the Lady of Pain you could only get the option "Continue to listen" if you were a Thief at the time.
In one part of Thildon's dialog it was possible to mention the murder of the Foundry smith before it had happened.
If you returned Marissa's "Crimson Veil" to her and asked for a reward the dialog indicated that you got a "Gold Bracelet," but you didn't because of a typo in the action.
The "Ice Knife" spell caused a permanent decrease in To Hit when a party member was hit by it which lasted until the character was killed and resurrected. This fix prevents the To Hit effect of "Ice Knife" from working on your party at all.​

Good stuff, Platter!

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