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Dead games R.I.P. on GameSpot

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Dead games R.I.P. on GameSpot

Editorial - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 28 August 2005, 08:02:25

Tags: Black Isle Studios; TORN

GameSpot has an article about cancelled DOOMED games that never actually made it for whatever reason. While it's no where near a complete list, it does mention things like TORN, Van Buren(In case you've been reading No Mutants Allowed - Yes, Van Buren is, in fact, DEAD), and a few other games. Anyway, here's the part of the stuff on TORN:
But it didn't happen. In fact, trying to use the new engine was just one of the problems in the game's troubled development history. GameSpot contributor Desslock helped chronicle the gory details in our previous Gaming Graveyard feature. But then sometime later, Black Isle worked with developer Reflexive Entertainment to produce another role-playing game called Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader, which also took place in an alternate-fantasy universe (this one was a revised version of Renaissance Europe where sorcery actually existed), which also used the SPECIAL system. Problem solved, right? As it turns out, that game didn't quite live up to its legacy. But more importantly, the cancellation of TORN was really the first open, public sign of the trouble that had been brewing at Black Isle for some time--trouble that would lead to the studio's eventual closure, which was the real heartbreaker for RPG fans.

Let's all blame Dave Maldonado for it. He's the guy who thought playing instruments in TORN should be a Perk rather than a Skill!


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