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Rumor: Chris Taylor and Mark O'Green Back at Black Isle Studios?

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Rumor: Chris Taylor and Mark O'Green Back at Black Isle Studios?

People News - posted by Crooked Bee on Tue 16 October 2012, 13:10:34

Tags: Black Isle Studios; Chris Taylor; Herve Caen; Mark O'Green

RUMOR TIME. According to the information floating around the interwebs, Chris Taylor, lead designer of Fallout, and Mark O'Green, who wrote dialogue for Fallout, are allegedly back at Herve Cain's resurrected Black Isle Studios:

In the announcement today, the company announced the return of Black Isle Studios with veterans such as Christopher "Chris" Taylor (not to be confused with Chris Taylor of Gas Powered Games fame) leading the team. For those not in the know, Chris Taylor is the co-creator and designer of the Fallout franchise. His last game carried the codename 'Project V13' (Fallout Online) and unfortunately, will never see the light of day.​

Another source here.

And finally,

A source naming himself The Master with insider knowledge of Interplay Entertainment has sent a message:

"You will find the Chris Taylor (Lead Designer of Fallout) and Mark O'green (Dialog for Fallout) at Black Isle. Right now everyone is saying it's only Black Isle in name and that's simply not true. I know it for a FACT.
Just some food for thought.
The Master"​

Source: Duck and Cover. DaC's King of Creation also adds:

Black Isle are working on a game, but I can now confirm that it is not a new Plancescape or a new Icewind Dale. I can also confirm that this new game is directly related to a game that Black Isle has done in the past.​

All I can say is that, if this "FACT" is true, I feel sorry for Chris Taylor.

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