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Herve Caen

Herve Caen

There are 23 articles associated with this tag:

16-Oct-2012 [People News] Rumor: Chris Taylor and Mark O'Green Back at Black Isle Studios?
22-Aug-2012 [Company News] Black Isle Studios is back
29-Oct-2008 [Community] Save RPG Codex with the Power of Fallout
28-Mar-2008 [Company News] Interplay sold
9-Mar-2008 [Company News] Interplay is coming soon
10-Jul-2007 [None] Bethesda supports the little man!
25-Oct-2004 [Company News] Poking fun at Interplay
12-Jul-2004 [Game News] Bethesda to develop and publish Fallout 3?
29-Jun-2004 [Company News] IPLY post report doom
26-Jun-2004 [Company News] Interplay earnings report in and Herve gets dumber
23-Jun-2004 [Company News] IPLY stock hits lowest point ever
14-Jun-2004 [Game News] HomeLANfed pokes a bit of fun at IPLY
9-Jun-2004 [Company News] Herve promises funding
9-Jun-2004 [Company News] Interplay running again, Titus bankrupt
7-Jun-2004 [Company News] Titus trading suspended!
5-Jun-2004 [Company News] Interplay SHUT DOWN by Labor Department
5-Jun-2004 [Company News] Herve Caen talks as does California Labor Director
29-May-2004 [Company News] Interplay still not paying employees, stock drops
28-May-2004 [Company News] More money fun at Interplay
22-May-2004 [Company News] Herve wants employees to leave
17-May-2004 [Company News] Fearlessly Herve faced the crowd
21-Apr-2004 [Company News] Interplay explores strategic alternatives
24-Dec-2003 [None] Bah humbug for 2003

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