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HomeLANfed pokes a bit of fun at IPLY

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HomeLANfed pokes a bit of fun at IPLY

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 14 June 2004, 16:26:24

Tags: Herve Caen; Interplay

HomeLANFed posted their Sunday Top Ten List yesterday, poking fun at the ill fated Interplay and their attempts to earn a little money. Here's ten through six to whet your tastes:

10. Raffle off the rights to Descent and Freespace to mod authors.
9. Convince Donald Trump to fund a Trump MMORPG.
8. Organise tours of Interplay's offices; "Look, here is Mr. Landlord...."
7. Sell the movie rights for Kingpin to Vin Diesel.
6. Make a special DVD; "Interplay Gone Wild"​

Mr. Landlord kind of kicked them out, so he'll be replaced with a new Mr. Landlord soon. As for number six, there's only so much of Herve and a goat one can stand.

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