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Poking fun at Interplay

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Poking fun at Interplay

Company News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 25 October 2004, 01:50:21

Tags: Herve Caen; Interplay

Briosafreak sends word that Corith, a former Interplay employee, discussed a bit about the investors in the company in this related thread talking about the investors on No Mutants Allowed. Here's what he had to say:

Interplay still owns a handful of intellectual properties that Herve might still think he could produce games for. I suspect that he is using the money from the Bethesda license deal to pay off bad debt on the hopes he can get some delusional investor who doesn't know his past and fund another spin-off of the Dark Alliance engine for FO:BOS II, or Dark Alliance III. How many times will be allowed to run a company into bankruptcy before he is stopped?

In regards to a MMORPG, Herve has no clue as to the incredibility deep pockets necessary for the creation of MMORPG. Since he never ever played the games Interplay made, or any other games for that matter, he really doesn't have a decent point of reference other than his own arrogance. The logistics of creating a MMORPG are mind-boggling in scope. A decent recurring billing system, not to mention the security protocols to prevent cheaters, are vast.

Since he has utterly alienated so many former employees, and possible employees (a bad rep is very hard to shake), he will not be able to hire enough help to create the complex code needed for a MMORPG, design the world, and play test balance issues regardless of how much money he gets. The only path to FO:OL is to outsource the whole thing (as an unemployed I.T. worker, I'll refrain from commenting on outsourcing at this time).​
Well, yeah, that's nothing new. We've all been saying that since it was announced, but the fact Herve Caen still has a plan and some people still believe in the man is pretty damned funny. The company is a corpse lying on a heating pad, and the investors think it's still alive because it feels a little warmish.

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