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Save RPG Codex with the Power of Fallout

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Save RPG Codex with the Power of Fallout

Community - posted by baby arm on Wed 29 October 2008, 05:10:48

Tags: Fallout; Herve Caen

Have you always wanted to help the Codex but felt iffy about the whole "getting jacksquat in return" policy? Then this offer is for you! Whenever you buy any of the first three Fallout games for the low price of $5.99 using this link, classic gaming site Good Old Games will throw a handful of bottlecaps our way. But wait, there's more! Each downloadable, DRM-free title comes with a mess of extras, such as:

Original soundtrack in MP3 (59 minutes)
2 hi-res wallpapers
18 artworks and concept arts
Set of avatars
Fallout Bible by Chris Avellone (205 pages)
Manual (124 pages)
Reference card​
This offer includes Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics so head on over to Good Old Games[/b] and give til it hurts.

Act now and get a free Codexer slave of your choice!

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