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IPLY post report doom

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IPLY post report doom

Company News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 29 June 2004, 16:08:07

Tags: Herve Caen; Interplay

Since the earnings report where Herve Caen announced he wanted to make an MMORPG out of Fallout, Interplay's stock as been restored to the original IPLY.OB we've grown to know and love since they were delisted from NASDAQ.

However, here's the fun part. The stock is now only worth 2.5 cents per share, yes, record low. It also means Herve Caen has lost over $200,000 on his personal stock purchase from April 17th. Meanwhile, other investors on the Raging Bull IPLY Forum are having lots of fun with their losses. Take, for example, this guy:

The only thing still keeping me in, other than pure stubbornness, is that Herve is a weasel and a snake. Herve's back is against the wall, and he is heavily invested in Interplay. I'm thinking that with the help of SG Capital that he'll be able to figure out something that is in his best interest, which hopefully is also in other shareholder's interest. It could even be selling off all of the licenses, perhaps bringing in enough money to pay off their bills and make a small profit. I can't imagine Herve going down without a fight when he has 9 million personal shares. It's doubtful that whatever he does will be successful, but I'm betting he has one last card to play, hopefully providing enough time for us investors to earn back a little money and to get out then.​
That's from a guy who bought 600k shares at 12 cents per share, our old pal frymuchan. Ah, fun. T-minus-One-Month to death, baby.

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