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Herve wants employees to leave

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Herve wants employees to leave

Company News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 22 May 2004, 01:18:23

Tags: Herve Caen; Interplay

Briosafreak just pointed me to a news item just posted on No Mutants Allowed where an ex-Interplay employee has basically told them that Herve Caen, CEO of the company, has told employees that if they don't like the situation with not getting paid or losing benefits, they can quit. Apparently money from their checks are still going towards benefit payments, even though those benefits are, indeed, cancelled. So, basically, Interplay is paying them less than they should be paid since those benefits no longer exist. Nice, huh?

Anyway, of course Herve wants them to quit. If they quit, they're much less likely to qualify for unemployment and Interplay doesn't have to pay them the severence pay they'd get if they were laid off by the company. Apparently NMA is advocating striking, but my advice is go to work - and don't do a DAMNED thing. Just play ping pong all day.

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