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Chris Avellone + Brian Fargo = ?

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Chris Avellone + Brian Fargo = ?

People News - posted by Crooked Bee on Thu 29 March 2012, 10:12:06

Tags: Black Isle Studios; Brian Fargo; Chris Avellone; Interplay; inXile Entertainment

As you may remember from the Ripten.com interview, when asked about the possibility of Black Isle being reborn, Brian Fargo had the following to say:

MF: You mentioned Obsidian. Have you spoken with them?

BF: I talk to them all the time.

MF: Would you consider working with them, especially given their current troubles… maybe reform the Black Isle Voltron?

BF: (Obsidian) are still working on projects. It’s not like they are going away. I have a lot of love for those guys.

MF: What about the people from Interplay? Honestly, us old guys would love to see Black Isle reborn in some form.

BF: Well, if (Wasteland 2) works, it will give me a platform for doing things again. I haven’t had an engine… or I’ve had an engine with no gas. If this continues to work, and certainly we’re off to a great start—this game has got to be great—if I deliver that, I think there would be a chance to build it up again. Nothing would make me happier.​

As a follow-up, Ripten have reached out to Chris Avellone for his take on that, and his answer was:

Brian gave me my first job in the industry, I loved being at Interplay while he was there, and I love Wasteland. If there was a way to work both with Obsidian and work with Brian and InXile, I would do it.

A gleam of hope or wishful thinking? You decide.

Source: Ripten

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