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NMA brings us more FO3 screenies

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NMA brings us more FO3 screenies

Game News - posted by Spazmo on Sat 13 December 2003, 00:35:54

Tags: Black Isle Studios; Fallout 3 (Van Buren)

No Mutants Allowed posted some more screenies from Fallout3/Van Buren, blindly aborted by the shaky coathanger of Herve Caen and Jim Molitor (I love my analogies).

The first one shows off a ruined cityscape with a junked car and the PC's group (?) to the right.

The second shows the inside of a Vault, command level. I gotta say, they've managed to re-create the Vault from the original games remarkably well, and it doesn't look half bad. I just think they need to raise the polygon count a bit on some objects to reduce the somewhat blocky look.

Thanks to Briosafreak of No Mutants Allowed for this glimpse of what could have been.

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