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Fallout: Nevada mod for Fallout 2 gets a preliminary English release

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Fallout: Nevada mod for Fallout 2 gets a preliminary English release

Mod News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 9 August 2017, 00:43:26

Tags: Fallout 2; Fallout: Nevada

Fallout: Nevada (also known as "Fallout of Nevada") is another one of those Fallout 2 standalone campaign mods from Eastern Europe that have come out over the years. Chronologically, it's a prequel to both of the original Fallout games, taking place in the early days of Vault City. It was developed by a Russian team and was originally released in 2011, with the final version coming out in 2015. Unlike the Czech team behind Fallout 1.5: Resurrection, they decided not to go on and develop an English version, so last year a group of fans on the NMA forums led by one Dionis decided to produce an English translation themselves. This week, they released their first preliminary translation of Fallout: Nevada. The translation effort doesn't have its own website or promotional materials, so here's the trailer and description from the mod's original website:

Fallout: Nevada - fanatical attempt to create a prequel to the game Fallout. The project is not a renamed clone of the original, it is not an assembly of other people's ideas or mods, it is not an addition to the original story. This is a full conversion, which borrows some of the typical content and the engine of the original, the rest of the content (scripts, plot, dialogs, characters, locations, etc.) is created from scratch specifically for the project.

Main innovations:
  • A completely new story
  • More than 100 quests
  • A new world map (12 major points on the world map and 12 new special meetings)
  • 2.7 MB of game text
  • New soundtracks
  • The plot reveals the prehistory of Vault City, known for the game Fallout 2.
  • The central importance is given not to combat, but to quests, stories and the universe of Fallout.
  • High degree of authenticity of locations.
  • A small amount of black and humor
The mod is fully translated to English, but most of the writing is still in a rough state and requires editing, and it probably wasn't that great in the first place. However, I'm told that in terms of pure design, Fallout: Nevada is top-notch, putting even Fallout 1.5 (last year's Codex GOTY) to shame. If you'd like to give it a try, you can grab both the original mod and the latest version of the translation here.

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