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See Fallout 2 in Newfangled High Resolution

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See Fallout 2 in Newfangled High Resolution

Mod News - posted by baby arm on Fri 16 May 2008, 06:10:26

Tags: Fallout 2

NMA brings word of the Fallout 2 High Resolution Patch from a young modder named Mash.
This is something I've been working on for the last several months. As the title suggests this program modifies fallout2.exe in memory for the purposes of increasing the visual resolution.
I'm calling this a test release as I haven't had the chance to play through the whole game as yet. But I don't think there are any game killing bugs.
I've been running the game at 1680x1050 for testing and I'd be interested to know how it runs at different resolutions.
It was made for Version 1.02d of the fallout2.exe and installation instructions are included in the zip.

Should make it easier to track down the last shuffling junkie when you go on your next New Reno massacre.
Grab the download here and view screenshots here.

Thanks to Cthulhugoat for the tip.

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