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Fan Made Fallout beats Duke Nukem Forever & AoD

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Fan Made Fallout beats Duke Nukem Forever & AoD

Community - posted by baby arm on Sat 31 January 2009, 05:16:37

Tags: Fallout 2

Fan Made Fallout is heading out of VaporwareVille and into our hearts and harddrives sometime next week.
But really, it's not that big of a delay. What we want to do is push the launch a few days until Wednesday, February 4th. This will give our script lead time to finish up the build and prepare it for launch. On the 4th we'll release the pre-beta so that you all can start messing around in game while we finish some last minute details.

Then, on February 8th we'll release the second upload for the beta. This will be the complete initial launch. The plan from there is to update the build weekly and impliment the rest of our quest list and features for the beta launch.

Frankly, we would have loved to put more in at launch but there really are only two scripter doing 4 years worth of work in a very short period of time. So we also very much appreciate the understanding that it's a big task for a very small team.

We haven't confirmed this yet, but word on the streets is that FMF will incorporate elements of Volourn's legendary Neverwinter Nights Rape Mod. Stay tuned....
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