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Fallout Dev Profile: The Other Chris Jones

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Fallout Dev Profile: The Other Chris Jones

Interview - posted by baby arm on Sun 26 April 2009, 23:08:29

Tags: Fallout 2

The latest developer profile on NMA visits with Chris Jones (the artist from Fallout 2, not the programmer from Fallout 1).
What is your hope for future Fallout games? Would you like to be a part of a future Fo team?

I've heard about a Fallout MMO, which makes me a bit skeptical because the vibe that brings true emotion to the game it that you feel like you're one of the few survivors in an unknown wasteland. I suppose it could take place much farther in the future when there are more people and suppose that the existing factions we are all familiar with have grown in size. I think that presenting the experience from different parts of the globe would be awesome. Overall, I just hope developers are careful with the franchise and don't use it like a movie license to kick out a quick buck. I'd work on another Fallout game in a heartbeat.

Spotted at: NMA

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