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Pirates of the Caribbean mixed feelings at PC.IGN

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Pirates of the Caribbean mixed feelings at PC.IGN

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 5 July 2003, 01:51:18

Tags: Pirates of the Carribean

Been waiting on the edge of your seat to know about the final product of Pirates of the Caribbean? Well, PC.IGN has posted their loving review of the game for those who've been baited breath waiting. They find some faults, like with the interface control scheme, deaf mute NPCs, and other things, but also give it a decent Lasting Appeal rating. Here's a bit on the introduction:

The introductory port of Oxbay attempts to serve as a kind of tutorial, but it's a skeletal one at best. Here you'll be introduced to the game's Quest Log, which gives some starting directions that familiarize you with the basics of getting around, talking to different people, selling your ship storehouse's wares and upgrading the equipment you start the game with (which is frankly crap). As expected, the local tavern is a good place to start, whether it 's picking up on local scuttlebutt, securing lodging, or hiring stout men to flesh out your crew. It's hard to go terribly wrong in Oxbay to begin with, but your starting island does feature its own tucked-away dungeon populated with rotting, reanimated, blade-toting skeletons; if nothing else, it's an early, vivid illustration as to just how much character-building and equipment-beefing you sorely need before attempting to hit the high seas and be a swashbuckling badass.​

Sailing and dungeon crawling.. All in one package, with Disney's backing!

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