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Devil Whiskey still kicking and Demo!

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Devil Whiskey still kicking and Demo!

Development Info - posted by Spazmo on Tue 5 August 2003, 20:00:37

Tags: Devil Whiskey

According to the Devil Whiskey homepage, that spunky little remake of the classic Bard's Tale, the project is still going strong and they'll even have a playable demo sometime this month.

Greetings Devil Whiskey Fans! We're still moving in the right direction - we expect to be code-complete on the Demo before the end of this month! Keep your fingers crossed - we may have the fully playable, downloadable *FREE* Demo available by the end of August; and I can promise that when that happens, the full game won't be far behind!​

Free is good. And since the full game is coming soon after, it's doubly good.

Spotted at RPGDot

Thanks to XJEDX for being smarter than me.

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