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Restricted Area developer diary #4 at RPGDot

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Restricted Area developer diary #4 at RPGDot

Development Info - posted by Spazmo on Sat 9 August 2003, 03:10:56

Tags: Restricted Area

RPGDot has posted the fourth developer diary about Restricted Area, A href="http://www.master-creating.de">master creating[/url]'s upcoming cyberpunk action RPG.

I spent the past days looking for new designers to support us with the creation of various new environments and it is now, that I want to introduce our latest employee Lothar. Lothar originally is a traditional artist inspired by Albrecht Dürer, but he has worked for 6 years in England as 3D artist with Eidos Interactive and with the XBox team of Peter Molyneux' Lionhead Studios and gained much experience in digital graphics and games. He is from China originally and is fond of games with a world war 2 scenario, like Commandos or Battlefield, and will create the majority of the inside areas for RA...for which we decided to use Maya, the first academy awarded 3D Software, some of you may have heard of, for it's used in movies like Lord of the Rings or games like Doom 3.​

Development appears to be proceeding swimmingly. Go Jan Beuck!

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