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RPGDot impressions on BorderZone

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RPGDot impressions on BorderZone

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 30 August 2003, 01:54:02

Tags: BorderZone

RPGDot has posted another German game show impressions dealie. This time up, it's about BorderZone, a Russian made, third person over the shoulder, post apocalyptic turned fantasy type setting(meaning magic spells and stuff), action-CRPG. Here's the impression:

First Impression
Pretty graphics and an interesting setting? a bit like Fallout in 3D. If gameplay and story of the finished product turn out to be as open-ended/ non-linear as promised, it?s a CRPG one should watch out for.​

Not really sure how this is like Fallout in terms of setting, other than having mutants.

Thanks, Myrthos!

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